Welcome to #bloginstead!

Remember that scene in Mary Poppins (the ORIGINAL Mary Poppins) where the horses leap off the merry-go-round and ride away cross country?

That’s what we’re doing here. I’m collecting as many friends with blogs as will come off the merry-go-round with me, and we’re all going to communicate via our blogs INSTEAD of via Facebook for 3 days.

For 3 days, we’ll post on our blogs the way we’d post on social – informal, chatty, what’s up at the moment, stream of consciousness, whatever it is that constitutes a conversation for you at the time. Everyone in the group will follow everyone in the group, and we’ll visit by reading and commenting on each other’s posts. Anyone who doesn’t have a blog but wants to join in commenting is very welcome. After 3 days, we decide what, if anything, we’ve discovered.

#bloginstead #3daysinthewilds

Want to join in? Follow this blog. I’ll be posting a list of participating blogs later today, with links where you can go to follow them.

UPDATE: We got to the end of the 3 days, and nobody wants to stop. So nobody is stopping. Want to join? Here’s a list of people to follow to get started, and please let me know if you’d like to be added to the list.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to #bloginstead!

  1. This looks awesome! Thank you so much for creating this space for us all to share. I was looking for the perfect reason to step back into blogging after a short break. I was finding it difficult to do. Now there is a reason! I hope I can join the list. Thank you.


  2. The more I learn about the social harms of Facebook, the more I want to just not be there … thanks for the reminder that there are other ways to interact. I doubt we (collectively) can turn the clock back on social media, but we (individually) can choose how and when to engage with it — and how and when and WHERE to engage as alternatives!


  3. I left Facebook last year. I have IG and Twitter, but I follow who I choose. I am in control. I like it. The drama dropped so much! (Sigh of relief). Thanks for following my blog! Let me know if you want me in this alternate Mary Poppins ride!

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  4. I like the thought of an alternative to fb. Also I’ve been considering a blog as I too often share stuff that is really too extensive for it. They are thoughts on ethics and Christianity. And I am a recent cancer survivor and have speculated sharing some of my experiences. Ir this is appropriate and welcome, I would like to join. How do you do that?


      1. I’m adding everyone to follow now. I did part of them earlier and will do the rest this evening. I had to take a break because my children thought they needed to be fed. Sheesh. Kids and their need to be cared for. 😉

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