Seasons of the year are practice. That's what I think. We practice death and resurrection over and over again. The natural world changes to show us that time is in motion. Summer will come. You can't stop it. And winter will follow. But spring follows, too. None of the seasons are permanent. The motion never … Continue reading Seasons

Life Un-Simplified

It's startling to realize, suddenly, how often we strive to understand a situation by limiting it. We plunge in hastily, drawing lines, cutting off examples, offloading data we can't integrate, collapsing tension we can't handle. We hunt for stereotypes to cling to or condemn, until even our encounters with stereotypes become stereotyped. The nature of … Continue reading Life Un-Simplified


“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” That statement is backwards, isn’t it? Don’t we treasure things that are near to our hearts? It’s harder to believe a treasure could be something we have to journey towards.  We keep our treasures close, don’t we? It’s paradoxical to imagine moving our hearts toward … Continue reading Paradox

One Word, One Line

I wondered if I could write a poem using only one word per line. I tried it. Petals Plucked. Cherished. Scattered. Bruised. Rescued. Pressed. Remembered. Could I write a story this way? So much left out. But see how easily your reading imagination fills in the spaces around the words.

Expected Hazards

Clothes shopping is a hazardous business. [Muttering to self]: "Sneakers. Sneakers. Where are the sneakers? There are some - OH! Shiny silver! Designer! Italian! These are shoes to go with dresses I cannot remotely afford. They should be worn at sunset, in Rome. At that fountain where people make wishes in the Audrey Hepburn movie...was … Continue reading Expected Hazards

Beware the Fire Hose

In the age of outrage, it's important to know the difference between a marathon and a sprint. This is especially true if you hope to be heard by your fellow human beings, and if you hope to galvanize them to action. Whoever you are, and whatever your cause, you must never forget that for all … Continue reading Beware the Fire Hose