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A board book about Saint Abigail
Abigail is happy on the island of Inisheer, but God has other plans for her! An angel asks Abigail to search for nine white deer in the woods across the sea. When she finds them, Abigail will also find the place where God wants her to be. Journey with Abigail as she listens to ONE angel, sails with TWO fishermen, finds THREE deer, then SIX, then more! Count with Abigail all the way to her true home.
Nine Deer and Me from Ancient Faith Publishing
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What happens when you do the wrong thing for the right reason?
In this relatable story of the restorative power of friendship, two girls—Nina, who has everything, and Tabitha, who has almost nothing—find the strength they need to heal from a very sad day with the help of nuns both little and life-sized.
Little Lost Nun from Park End Books
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The first children’s board book from SVS Press!
Saint Ia Rides a Leaf is a charming story from the life of Saint Ia, an Irish missionary to England in the fifth or sixth century. The town and parish of St Ives in Cornwall, England, are named for her, and she is commemorated on February 3 in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Join Saint Ia and her animal friends on an adventure to spread the Gospel!
Saint Ia Rides a Leaf from SVS Press
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A book for little readers encountering loss and grief for the first time.
Piggy and his heavenly friends, Fuzzbuzz and Bubbleberry, walk together through Piggy’s first moments in heaven—eating grass, wondering if heavenly piggies have wings, and looking forward to being reunited with loved ones. With humor and understanding, Piggy in Heaven celebrates the reality that we bring our own endearing personalities into the life Christ grants us after death. This is a sad book and a funny book. Sometimes, you have to laugh and cry at the same time to heal.
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A chapter book for ages 7–12
What happens when you can’t get away from the person who drives you craziest? Sam and Macrina are about to find out. Stuck working together to help the nuns, Sam and Macrina come up with a thousand reasons to disagree. Sam is too rude. Macrina is too bossy. Summer at the monastery will be miserable if they can’t find some common ground. With the help of three friendly nuns, a runaway bunny, and Saucer the trusty corgi, Macrina and Sam discover a big secret that helps put them on the road toward peace.
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Sam wants to know if animals (especially Saucer!) can speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. Grace and Macrina are competing to write a story, and Elias is losing his patience. Meanwhile, Sister Anna hopes God will rescue her from teaching Sunday school. Christmas is coming, but hearts are full of secrets and frustrations. The Barn and the Book is a story about the traps we build when we try to see in the dark. We tumble into trouble and confusion on our own, but God can steer us clear of our traps and shine His kindly light into our darkness.
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Sam’s Aunt Eva says he’s like a tornado—he causes a ruckus everywhere he goes. But Aunt Eva won’t give up on Sam, and neither will Saucer, the monastery’s corgi puppy. Saucer lives at the monastery, but he dreams of herding sheep. With no sheep in his life, Saucer tries to herd everyone else—farm animals, nuns, and especially Sam. Sam doesn’t want to follow anyone, not even a funny puppy. But Saucer knows that if he just keeps trying, he can bring this lonely boy back to the flock. 
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This is the Romanian edition of The Barn and the Book, translated and published by Libraria Sophia. Here’s the Romanian blurb:
Seria pentru cei mai mici creștini
Se apropie Crăciunul. Copiii iau parte la un concurs literar în școala mănăstirii, și fiecare ar vrea să câștige. Unul dintre ei încearcă să afle dacă este adevărat că în Ajunul Crăciunului poți auzi animalele vorbind și, fără știrea nimănui, se furișează în grajdul mănăstirii.
…Dar nu întotdeauna planurile noastre se potrivesc cu ceea ce este mai bine pentru noi. Din fericire, Dumnezeu veghează și lucrează neîncetat!