Letters to Saint Lydia Actress for Audible

It gives me great joy to present Priscilla Sabourin, actress, singer-songwriter, all-around-good-sort, and THE VOICE OF TEEN LYDIA in the upcoming release of Letters to Saint Lydia on Audible.com!

Priscilla Sabourin

When I was writing this book, I could “hear” teen Lydia and Saint Lydia in my mind as I composed their letters to each other. There’s something miraculous about experiencing Lydia’s voice – living, breathing, speaking – outside my imagination. The book suddenly has another dimension.

I chose Priscilla for the role because her voice has that mysterious quality you find in a girl who’s poised in the doorway. Her wings are brushing the past and testing the future. Venturing, lingering. It’s the voice for a coming-of-age story. I can’t wait to share this with you! I heard the first recording last night, flung off my headset, and shouted, “It’s perfect!”

Photo credit: Molly Maddex Sabourin


Cover photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

Losing My Voice

Tangle of computer cords

Facebook locked me out of my account this week. And let me in. And locked me out. I built a second account, and Facebook locked that too. It said it was an impersonation. No, it was me. Well, then I must be impersonating myself. Is that even a thing?

This went on for several days, some times hour by hour. Before long, Facebook and I had thoroughly confused each other. Fortunately, it ended well. Nobody was impersonating anyone. The malware at the root of this evil is gone. The account is unlocked.

And then, I caught a cold and lost my voice. Continue reading