If failure was impossible

UPDATE: Please note that we have 2 new members of our group, and 2 current members with a new address: New members are Amanda at https://emberings.com/ and Susan at https://kindlerofjoy.com/ and Matthew’s new address is http://vespersinvienna.com/index.html and Catherine’s new address is http://eventhinealtars.home.blog .

It’s Day 1 For REAL of #bloginstead, so now I can dream up interesting things to talk about with this friendly group of people who are spending these 3 days communicating with one another ONLY on our blogs.

So ask yourself this: if it was not possible for you to fail at anything, what would you choose to do with your life? What would your career be if you knew going in that every choice you made along the way would be the right choice? What if all your plans would be flawless and smoothly implemented? What would you do if you really could do ANYTHING?

14 thoughts on “If failure was impossible

  1. Wow. I’ve been sitting here with my coffee, looking outside at the frost, and turning this over in my head. As a retrospective question it might mean my life would look different now and I wouldn’t change it, warts and all. So considering this on a going forward basis, what *would* I do? I might have to think some more and blog it.

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  2. I just realized – you know how sometimes you’ll tell yourself, “Well, if this is meant to be, it will work, and if not, I’ll know it wasn’t meant to be”? You couldn’t. You’d have to be sure before you did anything because everything you did would WORK!


  3. I’d be terrified of becoming naïve, smug and unaware of struggle, which is a bad lesson for our kids. But sometimes I think about starting an Orthodox house of hospitality, or working full-time in pastoral care.


  4. Hmmmm….I wouldn’t change my family, it’s issues, the joy or sorrow. If I could have a “redo” of a career, I’d be a teacher!


  5. I can’t think of an answer that does not oversimplify what is being asked! Haha–I will overthink this now all day…


    1. When I was little, one of my sisters dreamed she could fly simply by lifting her feet off the floor. The dream was so vivid it was difficult for her to believe it wasn’t real when she was awake. I always wanted to fly. NOT in an airplane. Just my own self. With wings.

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  6. I sometimes wish that I had pursued the archaeology career I started in and immediately after college. But the real answer to your question is I would be a mother. I have dealt with infertility the best I could and have helped raise my godchildren as my career, but I sure would love one real chance at motherhood.

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