Embroidery on Buildings in Madrid

On My Modern Met this morning, you can read about an artist who embroiders buildings! Imagine the delight you would feel if this was your idea. Maybe you were sipping tea, gazing through a window, or you were fingering a favorite embroidered cushion, or, more likely, you saw the blank stretch of painted facade on a building and presto! Your imagination began cross-stritching roses across the plaster.

In whatever way the inspiration came to her, Raquel Rodrigo is embroidering buildings. Or rather, she’s installing large cross-stitched pieces on buildings. She uses the same technique you do, but her “cloth” looks like the large mesh you might use to hold up a tomato plant in your garden, and her “embroidery thread” looks like colorful rope.

The result is delightful. You can see fascinating pictures of Raquel’s work on her website. Go look!

7 thoughts on “Embroidery on Buildings in Madrid

  1. I’m always amazed at the creativity and imagination that is all around us. What a cool idea to embroider a building. Its like, this person brings embroidery to the table as her talent, and she uses it to embellish and beautify her world. Which of course, brings us to writing and blogging, that passion we bring to the table. We need to be bold, as this woman is, going forth into our circles with it, beautifying our world.

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