No thank you to the blog marketing tips

Dear Stranger,

If you are following my blog because you have a blog that’s going to increase my blog following, expand my brand, profitize my prose, et cetera and so forth, please do not trouble yourself.

Your cursory glance at my blog indicates that I am building a community of bloggers.

This is true.

We even have a hashtag. #bloginstead.

Also true.

But you missed something.

I’m building the community because I want the community. You know how you do something because you enjoy it, and then you find other people who enjoy it too, and you spend time together enjoying it?

That’s what I’m doing.

I’m not looking for quick tips on expanding my brand so that my viral blog will attract advertisers and enable me to quit my day job and subsist on sponsored posts.

Big nope on that.

Yes, I write books. Orthodox Christian children’s books, actually. I’m doubtful this is the target market your tips and tricks are intended to reach.

Yes, I will talk about my books on this blog. I like writing my books. I like having them published. I’ll never get over the enchantment of seeing them illustrated.

More than that, I like people to buy my books. I hope they read them till the covers fall off, that they find them again when they’re all grown up and hug them spontaneously for all the good childhood memories attached to them.

I market Orthodox books for a living, and I know for a daily fact that people can’t read a book if they don’t know it exists. I know the value of spreading the word and finding an audience and building a brand. All those things. But I see NO value in doing those things for their own sake.

I don’t want to lose the value of being a human person who likes to write, who enjoys talking to friends, and who wants to recapture the kind of internet space where that was, and could still be, possible.

Life is complicated. Intricate. Interwoven. I can’t separate my writing self from my author self, my community-seeking self from my book-promoting self. Not completely. There is one me, and all aspects of my life connect, one way or another. But I can decide what matters most and choose it every time I have the choice.

That’s what I’m doing here. And that’s why I won’t be following your “how to win big in online marketing” blog.

No, thank you.

P.S. If you know the guys on social who believe that a friend request from a total stranger leads to romance, even from a total stranger who looks miraculously like numerous other total strangers dressed as retired admirals and possessing adorable dogs, please inform them that I already have a more-than-satisfactory retired officer and adorable dog of my own. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “No thank you to the blog marketing tips

  1. I like your books. And so do my kids! And well yes I would love to stop Trucking and be able to work from home and have that glorious happy lifestyle I know it’s not going to come through some telemarketer or blog marketer.

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  2. Inevitable, these blog-following versions of telemarketing pitches. Sigh.
    As for me, I’ll settle for treasures in heaven, and try to be mindful that while I pray anything I post will be pleasing to Him, I want to be, first and foremost, His follower. 🙂

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  3. Very true. I am not a fan of those sites that try to push me to expand my “following.” I don’t blog for that reason. I know I need to get better at marketing myself but blogging is for connecting with people not feeling like I have to do it as a job to keep myself making money.


  4. These drive me nuts. Inevitably, when I publish a post that has the word “blog” or “blogging” anywhere in it, especially as part of a hashtag, I start getting likes and follows from blog entrepreneurs. I have NO interest in this and hope that they unfollow as soon as they realize I’m ignoring them. Fortunately, my spam filter catches 90% of the emails from people pitching their blog post writing skills as a guest poster. What would I do with someone like that??? Sheesh.

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