Resources for Writers of Orthodox Christian KidLit

Successfully published or just starting out, we all need the shared wisdom and support of our community. I’m drawing on research, interviews, and my own experience to collect practical help and professional development for those called to write children’s literature from an Orthodox perspective. This page is where you can find all the resources in one place and check back for new additions to the collection.

May God bless the work of our hearts, our minds, and our hands!

4 Publishers Accepting Submissions for Orthodox Children’s Books

This list includes information about what each publisher is looking for and links to submission guidelines and examples of books they publish. It also shares tips to help you avoid rooky mistakes when you send in a manuscript.

Rejection Letters: 5 Types and What They Mean

Every writer receives rejection letters at some point in her career. This post explains what you can learn from each time and how to move forward to the next step in your journey.

Coming Soon…

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on developing Orthodox KidLit authorship as a profession, and sharing news about the best and only professional development conference for Orthodox writers!