Piggy in Heaven

Such a pile of emotions all at once! I am so happy to have a picture book contract from Paraclete Press and so glad that our much-loved Piggy will be the main character, and so sad, a year later, that Piggy’s book is about Piggy in Heaven.

Piggy was only part of our earthly live for a little over a year, but he was so special and so loved. We still miss him.

I learned many things from this furry little creature, and one of the most important is simply that love is love. All of it. It all comes from the same Source, and it is beautiful in its time and in its variety.

And by the same token, grief is grief. Our immersion in it may be smaller or more complete, but I believe we grieve because we feel our love is blocked off from the person (or guinea pig!) that we love, by their physical absence from us.

I wrote this story, Piggy in Heaven, as part of our grieving. I saw it all clearly with my inward eyes, and that was comforting.

-Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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